PM Nawaz announces Rs50 billion project for gas provision in Okara


OKARA: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said that his critics will not slow him down in his quest to bring progress to the country.
After a ceremony on Saturday in Shergarh, Okara, to kick off the wheat harvesting season, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed a gathering of farmers and local political leaders and announced a Rs50 billion project for the provision of gas to a hundred villages in Shergarh.
The prime minister also announced the allocation of Rs50 billion for local bodies in the region and a train station for Shergarh if the railways minister approved the same.
“Those who have been trying to hinder the progress of this government have never thought about the nation. One should ask them if they even thought about building motorways and developing the infrastructure of the country,” he said in a swipe at his critics.
“Our opponents are trying to pull us down because they know how we are helping farmers and they cannot compete with us,” he said.
“They know that if we keep working the way we are, they have no chance to be elected in 2018 general elections.”
“They will keep protesting and we will keep progressing,” the prime minister added.
While welcoming Abdul Razaq Niazi back to PML-N after his brief hiatus from the political party, the prime minister said: “Once I make friends, I make them forever.”


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