PM Nawaz orders immediate action over prolonged power outages


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday expressed rage over increase in power outages with the rise in temperature and ordered the Ministry of Water & Power to make up for the electricity shortfall on urgent basis.
The premier also asked the responsible people to respond on the matter. “We will utilise all available resources and provide electricity to the people,” he vowed.
It was earlier reported that unannounced loadsehdding in the country had augmented as most parts witness scorching heat. The countrywide electricity demand is 17000MW whereas the production capacity is just 10,000MW taking the shortfall to 7000MW.
While addressing to the cabinet committee for power, he complained to the relative departments for not pre-planning the expected hot weather and low water level in the dams.
PM Nawaz ordered the institutions to fill the national grid with make shift resources on emergency basis. He promised the people to give relief in power outages within a few days.
Also, he ordered the Ministry of Water & Power to aware the responsible officials to conduct pre-planning of temperature rise and electricity production. He assured that such situation would not happen again.


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