PM Nawaz welcomes SC proceedings into Panama Leaks case

Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Hours after the Supreme Court of Pakistan took up a set of petitions regarding the Panama Papers leaks involving Sharif Family, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held consultation with his colleagues and announced that he welcomes the court proceedings into the scandal.
Chairing a consultative meeting in Islamabad today, he said he believes rule of law, complete transparency, and upholding of the Constitution. “People’s court is giving its verdict in by-elections and it will be better to wait for Supreme Court’s decision as well,” the PM said.
He said he had announced to form a commission comprising retired judges of the Supreme Court soon after the Panama issue came into fore so that facts could be revealed to the people.
He said on opposition’s demand, a letter was also written to the chief justice of the apex court to form a judicial commission to probe the matter.
The Prime Minister said that the government also formed a parliamentary committee to prepare consensus Terms of Refence (ToRs), in light of Supreme Court’s directions.
He said despite having numerical superiority in the parliament, an equal representation was given to the opposition in the ToRs committee. He said it is unfortunate that no consensus was reached, despite sincere efforts from the government side.
Nawaz Sharif said that the government also tabled a bill in the parliament to make the proposed Judicial commission more effective and powerful, but the opposition tabled a parallel bill against the constitutional and legal requirements.
The Prime Minister said he had presented his stance on the issue with great detail in the National Assembly, but the opposition kept busy in negative propaganda hindering transparent and impartial investigations.


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