PM reaches Switzerland to attend World Economic Forum

Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif

DAVOS: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reached Switzerland to attend World Economic Forum’s annual meeting beginning in Davos from Tuesday.
Apart from addressing the forum, the Prime Minister will hold a number of meetings with heads of State, government, and business leaders.
He will encourage leading business firms to invest in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif will be presenting Pakistan’s case of economic success and the ideal business and investment opportunities for Foreign Direct Investment.
The Prime Minister would be effectively utilizing this opportunity to discuss wide ranging economic issues as over 3,200 heads of states, government, public figures, top business leaders, academics and media leaders are participating in the meeting.
The annual meeting will provide an ideal opportunity for presenting Pakistan’s case of macroeconomic stability and ideal business opportunities, which is also acknowledged by leading financial institutions of the world.


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