PML-N demands Nawaz’s release from jail after Arshad Malik’s removal

Maryam Nawaz's remand extended till Sept 4 in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case

ISLAMABAD: After removal of the accountability court judge Arshad Malik from his post, the PML-N has demanded release of the former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif from jail.
In a statement, the opposition leader in National Assembly and president of thye PML-N Mian Shahbaz Sharif has requested the higher judiciary to declare former prime minister’s sentence null and void.
He said that after the removal of the accountability judge from the post, keeping Nawaz Sharif imprisoned is not the right decision. He said that the video and all the facts connected to it had been proven to be true. “The verdict given against Nawaz Sharif under pressure should be declared void.”
In a tweet, Maryam Nawaz requested the the higher judiciary to nullify the sentence. She said that Nawaz should be released from prison without any delay and this issue is no longer confined to Nawaz only.
Maryam said that the matter was not about the removal of a judge instead it was about suspending the verdict that the judge had issued. “The matter is about removing the verdict, which this judge had given under pressure, from the court record.”
She asked why her father was not being released if the judge, who had given the verdict in the case against him, was removed. “Is it enough to only remove the judge? Certainly not,” she wrote.
Meanwhile, the PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the verdict against Nawaz Sharif should be declared null and void and he should “be released immediately”.
“It has been confirmed that the video is real,” she said in a statement shared by the PML-N on Twitter, adding: “[The] judge sahib has conceded that he made the decisions under pressure.”
Aurangzeb said that after the removal of the judge, the legal basis for the verdict against Nawaz had automatically ended.
“After the removal of the judge, it has been proven that the facts that Maryam Nawaz brought before the people of Pakistan were correct.”


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