PML-N’s MNA, MPA arrested for chanting slogans against state institutions

KASUR: A member of National Assembly and Punjab Assembly along with more than fifty people hailing from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have been arrested for chanted slogans against state institutions during a rally in Kasur.
Police have said that they arrested Member National Assembly (MNA) Waseem Akhtar Sheikh, Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Naeem Safdar Ansari and several PML-N workers accused of chanting slogans against institutions.
Meanwhile, son of MNA Waseem Akhtar Sheikh has said that they had barred workers from chanting slogans against the national institutions adding that they respect judiciary and other institutions.
He claimed that the MNA [his father, Waeem Akhtar Sheikh], the MPA and the workers had submitted to the police authority for the supremacy of law.
The police have also confirmed that a large number of PML-N workers have surrendered.


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