Police try spin Kasur child abuse scandal

KASUR: A child abuse scandal, which has shocked the nation, took a new turn on Saturday after police reported that the whole episode was orchestrated to occupy 19 acres of government land.
Police say that the scandal was result of an old feud by Master Zafar and Sheerazi groups at Hussainwala village in Kasur district.
District Police Official Rai Babar Saeed said that five members of the Sheerazi groups, Haseem Amir, Feezan Majeed, Basharat Cheema, Ali Majeed and Abdul Manan were under arrest while one was on bail.
He accused Master Zafar group of putting pressure on their rivals for the sake of getting land.
To a question, he said that only seven videos were authentic while 50 to 60 clips were downloaded from internet.
He rejected claims that there were 285 videos of child abuse.
“We have registered seven cases of sexual assault, harassment and blackmailing,” Saeed said.
Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah backed the police version and urged media to practice responsible journalism as the whole scandal was defaming Pakistan.
He said that land dispute was the main reason behind the scandal.
Meanwhile, RPO Kasur admitted that some incidents of child abuse took place in Kasur over a period of seven years. He said some of the incidents of sodomy were also filmed.
To a question, he said that there were around 25 to 30 victims.



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