Polish PM stresses on reliable 5G partners to guard against cybercriminals

Polish PM stresses on reliable 5G partners to guard against cybercriminals

WARSAW: Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki , has said that the world especially the Europe should be ready for post-Covid-economic challenges and should avoid economic dependency on unreliable partners to protect 5G networks from cybercriminals.
In an op-ed article, the prime minister of Poland said that this year will go down in history as a time of great struggle and consequence. “Our fight against the pandemic is an epic human endeavour, but we need to brace ourselves for an even more important battle in the months ahead – over the shape of our post-Covid economy.”
Mateusz Morawiecki said that almost all governments agreed that it was necessary to boost development, save their citizens from unemployment, and rescue businesses from bankruptcy with economic stimulus. But, he added, measures to combat the recession must also take into account the long-term concern of preventing the repetition of economic dependency on unreliable partners.
“The pandemic has made us painfully aware of how crucial it is to have our own secure production lines for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and laboratories. The same goes for 5G decisions. Disregarding the need to secure our critical technology would be a mistake for which Europeans would pay a considerable price.”
“National security must be the integral part of our thinking about globalisation. No one wants to build new walls between nations, but we also see that globalisation free from democratic control can have hazardous consequences. Today, our globalised world is facing undue influence from authoritarian nations – at Europe’s expense. “
The EU’s prosperity and place in the global supply chain system will largely be determined by modern telecommunications infrastructure, he said, adding that just as the automobile engine changed the way people moved in the 20th century, the 5G network will change the movement of critical information in our society. Data transmission with enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency communications, and the ability to connect multiple devices will accelerate the functioning of communication – and the economy as a whole – to an incomparable extent.
“For this technology to serve good purposes, its implementation must be based on trust and democratic control. Otherwise, we risk that today’s crisis will be only a prelude to what awaits us if an unauthorised entity took control of 5G networks and supply chains. Soon, our entire economy will be based on this technology, and unable to function without it. We cannot afford it falling into the hands of cybercriminals, private or state-owned.”


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