Poor to pay Rs100 less than the rich for petrol: Musadiq Malik

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Petroleum, Musadiq Malik, has announced that the poor would get the petrol on Rs100 rupees less than the rich.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the Minister said that the rich will now pay Rs100 more while the poor will receive petrol at a reduced rate.
Additionally, he announced a reduction in gas prices for the poor. Malik stated that they have separated the two Pakistans, one for the poor and one for the rich. They will stand with the poor of Pakistan, and the decision on petrol prices cut for the poor will be implemented within six weeks.
The Minister said that he requested the Prime Minister that there are two countries here, one for the rich and one for the poor. “The PM told us to stand with the poor of the country, so they separated the poor’s bill from the rich’s bill.”
He said, “our leadership has said that if a poor person is using gas, separate their Pakistan. They will pay a quarter of the bill from now on. We also respect the rich, but they will pay four times more money, and we will collect the money and provide gas to the poor.”
He said that those who are wealthy, use luxury items, and drive expensive cars, will have to pay the actual price for these things. Pakistan is not someone’s father’s property; there are 220 million people living in this country, out of which 210 million are poor and earn their livelihood with difficulty, he said. He added, “we will take from those who have been given by Allah, and provide facilities to those who are trying to raise their children with respect and serving their parents.


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