PPP minister rejects horse-trading in Senate elections


KARACHI: Provincial minister Nasir Hussain Shah Saturday rejected Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Taimur Talpur‘s claim regarding horse-trading in Senate elections.
In a statement, the provincial minster claimed that the PPP received more votes in Senate elections due to rift in opposition parties.
Shah explained that Talpur’s words were nothing but a manner of speaking, and that the party does not believe in this practice.
If members of some parties were unhappy with their parties or their candidates and decided to vote for PPP then it is not the latter’s fault, said Shah.
The minister added that accusing PPP of purchasing vote through money is an insult to the people of Sindh.
Earlier, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had taken notice of Taimur Talpur’s speech in Sindh Assembly and summoned him on October 4.
The PPP lawmaker had claimed that the PPP had purchased votes in the Senate elections.


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