PPP wants unite opposition over Panama Leaks: Aitzaz Ahsan

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) delegation met Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed at his residence Lal Haveli on Wednesday while PPP delegation invited Rasheed to attend opposition conference which will be held on May 2, both the parties exchanged views over Panama Leaks.
Talking to media, Rasheed said that he demands eradication of corruption and dishonesty and has only one agenda to follow called ‘Go Nawaz Go’. He said that country with a corrupt Prime Minister (PM) never gets loan from international firms.
PPP senior leader Senator Aitzaz Ahsan said that PPP wants to unite opposition over Panama Leaks and that accountability should be started from PM.
Aitzaz demanded that before formation of Judicial Commission, forensic audit of total assets should be conducted to trace the amount of money transferred abroad.
He also demanded that special law should be legislated in order to probe the very case while TORs of the commission should have been formed with consultation. It is strange that rules and regulations to investigate PM will be formed by him, Aitzaz added.


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