PPP won’t accept bargaining over Kashmir dispute: Bilawal

PPP won't accept bargaining over Kashmir dispute: Bilawal

SKARDU: Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday while accusing the government of failed foreign policy and laying down arms before contesting the case for Kashmir said that his party won’t accept bargaining over the issue.
Addressing a public gathering in Skardu, he challenged ‘the butcher of Gujrat’ Indian PM Narendra Modi to hold referendum in the occupied Kashmir, adding that the ‘selective’ prime minister doesn’t have capability to become a voice of the Kashmiris.
The PPP chairman said that the Indian PM should hold a rally and referendum in the occupied Valley if he has given rights to Kashmiris.
“Modi has turned the Valley into a prison,” he said and the spirit of freedom cannot be quashed by the threat of military boots. The Indian government cannot rule the hearts of Kashmiris with tanks.
“Modi, you are not a leader but a murderer. You first killed Muslims in Gujrat and now killing innocent Kashmiris. You will be remembered as a murderer in the history.”


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