PTI dissidents will not vote on no-trust motion unless needed, decides Opposition

ISLAMABAD: The joint Opposition has formulated a strategy for voting on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan scheduled to be held tomorrow (April 3) barring the dissident PTI lawmakers from casting their vote as they already have 175 votes.

Sources privy to the Opposition said the decision has been taken to prevent the voting process from becoming controversial and to avoid any possible decision of the Supreme Court in this regard. The federal government has filed a presidential reference in the apex court seeking the interpretation of Article 63-A which deals with the disqualification of lawmakers.

According to the strategy devised by the Opposition, the PTI’s dissident members will be brought to the Parliament House but will not participate in the voting process and their votes will only be cast, when the Opposition falls short of the required number of votes to oust the incumbent prime minister.

The sources said that the Opposition would complete the required number through the votes of the coalition parties.

At present, the Opposition, without the votes of dissident PTI lawmakers, has 177 votes, while there is a need for 172 votes for the success of the no-confidence motion.


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