PTI moves IHC against his ‘possible arrest’ in unknown cases

PTI chairman challenges his conviction In IHC

ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan has filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court regarding concerns over his arrest in unknown cases.
In the petition filed by Imran Khan in the Islamabad High Court, it has been stated that he has obtained protective bail from the Lahore High Court yesterday. He urged the high court to stop country’ investigative agencies including NAB from arresting him.
Imran Khan has also requested for a hearing on the petition today. He also requested the court to link his arrest with court approval.
Imran Khan is appearing in the Islamabad High Court today in the Toheeda Khanna case. The registrar of the Islamabad High Court has raised objections to Imran Khan’s request and inquired about which FIR the bail is required for, how a miscellaneous petition can be filed and how a blank order can be issued.


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