Rana Sanaullah demands judicial probe into ANF’s drug trafficking case against him

Rana Sanaullah demands judicial probe into ANF's drug trafficking case against him

ISLAMABAD: Senior PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah on Friday demanded the formation of a judicial commission to investigate and ascertain the facts into the drugs trafficking case filed against him by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) last year.
The former provincial minister made the demand while speaking on the National Assembly floor for the first time since his release on bail in December 2019. He was arrested by the ANF on July last year over alleged possession of 15kg heroine.
Sanaullah explained the case in the lower house, adding that he was doing so because he wanted the case’s details to be made part of the assembly record.
“I left my home at 1:10pm to attend a party meeting in Lahore when the law enforcement agency arrested me. From the time I was taken into custody till 10am the next morning, no one spoke to me,” he said.
“There are cameras installed in that police station and you can ask for the record if I was ever interrogated by the agency,” Rana said, addressing the house’s speaker.
“As you promised me that my request will be forwarded to Prime Minister Imran Khan, I demand the formation of a cabinet committee to probe this case.
“If that is not possible, a judicial commission should be formed for the inquiry. I am saying this because no investigation was ever done.”
The PML-N leader asked the NA speaker to play the aforementioned video in the house for its members to see.
Holding the Holy Quran in his hands, Sanaullah vowed that he was speaking the truth, urging the powers that be to look into the case “or else they will invite God’s wrath”.
“Do I not have the right to tell my side of the story? Why should I stay silent?” he roared.
Before concluding his speech, Sanaullah warned that the practice of creating fake cases, if not discontinued, could come back to haunt others as well.
He also recalled how “60 years ago a case of cattle theft against Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi had become a stain” for the late politician.


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