Rangers, police deployed outside Maulana Abdul Aziz’s residence

ISLAMABAD: Rangers and police on Friday have been deployed outside Maulana Abdul Aziz’s residence after he announced to start a movement.
The authorities have decided to arrest Lal Masjid imam as he announced to lead a rally.
Earlier, the imam came under fire for his remarks over Peshawar Army Public School (APS) massacre. Civil society had taken to the streets in Islamabad after his controversial statement. Arrest warrant of the cleric was also issued on case registered by civil society.
Scholars belonging to Sunni school of thought had agreed to declare Aziz ‘traitor of state’ and thus treat him no different than terrorists. They had demanded public hangings of militants or at least share a video link.
The religious scholars had demanded the government to declare all pro-Taliban people in the country, traitors.
In Musharraf’s era, an operation was carried out in Lal Masjid that created waves across the boundaries. Recently in the ongoing Ghazi murder case, former president’s counsel had maintained that army was called in on civil administration’s request.


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