Result of 251 NA constituencies announced; PTI leading with 110 seats

Result of 251 NA constituencies announced; PTI leading with 110 seats

ISLAMABAD: According to latest information provided by the Election Commission of Pakistan, 251 results of the National Assembly elections have been announced so far.
Results of nineteen constituencies are still awaited while elections against two were postponed earlier.
The latest party position is: PTI 110 seats, PML(N) 63; Peoples Party 42, MMA ten; independents 12; Pakistan Muslim League five; GDA, Balochistan National Party and MQM Pakistan two each; and Awami Muslim League and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaniat one each.
Results of 289 seats of Punjab Assembly have also been announced so far. PML(N) is leading the tally with 127 seats followed by PTI 118; independents 27; Pakistan Muslim League seven and Peoples Party six.
As for Sindh Assembly, results of 118 seats have so far been announced with PPP leading the table with 71 seats. It is followed by PTI 20; MQM Pakistan 12 and GDA eleven.
With just two results left for KPK Assembly, the party position is PTI 66; MMA ten; independents five and PPP four seats.
Results of fortyfive seats of Balochistan Assembly have also been announced. Balochistan Awami Party is leading the tally with thirteen seats, MMA eight; Balochistan National Party five and PTI four seats.


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