RPO Pindi voices grief over killings of brothers

RAWALPINDI: The killing of two innocent brothers in Rawalpindi is highly deplorable and a murder case will be lodged against the police personnel involved in the shooting incident, said a high police official in Sunday’s wee hours. 
Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi Fakhar Sultan Raja minced no words over the unwarranted firing incident by police that claimed lives of two innocent youths, saying, “Police have no right to open fire without an accompanying valid reason.”
Expressing grief and regret over the police wrongdoing, the police officer termed the incident as gross injustice by the personnel. 
It should be mentioned that the young brothers on motorcycle were gunned down late Saturday by police personnel who asked them to stop but they did not stop. 
According to police sources, police personnel hailing from Muhafiz Squad beckoned two youths riding on a motorbike to pull over in Rawalpindi area of Sixth Road in the limit of New Town police station; but, they did not stop. On this, police opened gunfire, killing one of them on the spot and critically injuring the other. 
The Rescue sources said the injured brother also succumbed to his profusely bleeding wound at the hospital. The deceased have been identified as Zeeshan Butt and Shakeel Butt. Both were aged between 22 and 24 years.
The decedents were residents of Dhoke Ali Akbar area of Rawalpindi. Their father Yaqub Butt died some time back.
Police present at the hospital, tried to give impression that the killings are a result of a police encounter.
Receiving the report, members of bereaved family and other acquaintances arrived at the hospital and mounted protest against vicious behavior of police.



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