Saad Rafique accuses Zardari of pursuing hidden agenda

Saad Rafique denied protective bail in Paragon housing scheme scam

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Tuesday said Pakistan People Party leader Asif Ali Zardari is pursuing some hidden agenda and even his party regrets his actions.
Talking to media in front of the Accountability Court, the minister said, PPP leadership’s statements about census and delimitation are regrettable. “They should raise objections on the basis of solid argument and concrete evidence.”
He said it is beyond perception as to why PPP was shying away from legislation on the subject. “If there could have been any objection, it might have come from our party because seats are being reduced from our majority province Punjab and not from other provinces.”
He said census was carried out in collaboration with different state institutions including Pakistan Army. Then why people are raising objections on this process.
Saad Rafique said in Nawaz Sharif case he was not seeing any accountability rather it seems like a reprisal. “It is not happening for the first time with political leadership in the country. We do not understand the motives for all this except weakening democracy in the country.”
He mentioned to an opponent party that demanded early elections but later backed out of its demand and said, this party perhaps does not know that how new elections could be held without fulfilling requirements of census.
He said the political parties should not hamper this process because following census, delimitation would be an important step towards next general elections.
The minister said it is utmost endeavor of the government to bring all political parties on one page for respective legislation and those parties creating hindrances have no justification. …APP


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