Salman Ahmad produces heartwarming tribute to Junaid Jamshed

LAHORE: Junoon band’s renowoned guitarist and singer Salman Ahmad has produced a heart touching tribute for Junaid Jamshed who passed away on December 7 in an airplane crash.
The short film titled ‘Khwab’ is a compilation of clips from his time as a singer and moments of his recent times.
The video begins with Junaid Jamshed praising Salman after he left Vital Signs and ends with him giving a notable statement.
It has been directed, written and edited by Imraan Ahmed Khan.
Salman Ahmad said that he and Junaid were best friends for quite a long time. He pronounced that Juniad Jamshed was a remarkable person and artist.
He asserted that Junaid’s journey from singing to preaching remained beautiful and enviable.


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