SBP issues SOPs amid ATM skimming incidences

ATM Machines fraud

KARACHI: In a bid to fortify security for digital transactions in the wake of skimming incidences, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued regulations for security of automatic teller machines (ATMs) and internet banking.
Under new SOPs, banks have been compelled to craft comprehensive framework for risk assistance, implementation of controls and frameworks.
“During the preceding week, State Bank of Pakistan noted with concern that customers’ information on debit cards of Habib Bank Limited was compromised by hackers through skimming to create its clones and were used to withdraw depositor’s money from various locations within and outside the country. Since then SBP has been in contact with HBL management to ascertain the losses, returning of money to the affected customers and precautionary measures to limit the impact of this hacking activity,” read the press release issued by central bank.
It is pertinent to mention that nearly 600 customers have been deprived of at least Rs10 million via skimming in the past few days. The ongoing prober of Federal Investigation Agency stated that aforementioned amount had been withdrawn from China and Indonesia.
Meanwhile, another similar incident has been reported in Punjab’s Sangla Hill where former bank manager of a private bank was deprived of his amount worth Rs20000.


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