SC directs govt for concrete measures to curb population growth

SC reserves verdict in Bahria Town land case

ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Tuesday announced the judgment in a suo motu case pertaining to fast-growing population, which has ballooned to 207.8 million as per the census in 2017, and issued strict directives to the federal government for formulating and implementing effective measures to curb the population of Pakistan.
The Chief Justice expressed grave concerns on the current measures being taken by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led government in this regard. “The exponential increase in the population is like a bomb,” he said, while urging clerics, civil society and all departments to play their critical role for population control.
He further remarked that future generations would be affected severely if concrete measures were not taken on an immediate basis. “The entire nation needs to stand together to control the population.
Yesterday, the apex court came down hard on health secretary captain (Rtd) Zahid Saeed after resuming the case.
The health secretary admitted that the department could not devise and implement effective measures to control population growth.
The CJP had remarked “how could surveys be done while sitting in offices?”
Subsequently, the court ordered him to submit progress report every three months.
Earlier on January 3rd, the top judge said “This issue is far bigger than the need of dams,” adding that advertisement launched by the government was not enough to control the population, and instead an “Action Plan” was required.
“National issues cannot be curbed without controlling the rapid increase in population,” he said, adding that state’s resources have been depleting fast, and the land available for agriculture has been shrinking.
Besides, the attorney general had also informed the bench that a digital media run awareness campaign was underway, and sought more time for implementation of certain effective measures in this regard.
Health secretary had informed the bench that two of the provinces have already formulated population control programmes.


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