SC convicts Daniyal Aziz for contempt of court

SC disqualifies Daniyal Aziz in contempt of court case

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has held former Privatisation Minister Daniyal Aziz guilty of contempt of court, and sentenced him till the rising of the court.
The reserved verdict on the contempt of court case against him was announced by a three member bench of the apex court in Islamabad on Thursday.
The court had issued a show-cause notice to Daniyal Aziz on 19th of February this year for making controversial speeches and statements.
Aziz was indicted on contempt charges by the court on 13th of March this year.
The top court had reserved its verdict in the case on third of last month after both sides completed their arguments.
SC disqualified Daniyal Aziz for five years in contempt of court case.
The judge remarked that Aziz will be kept in imprisonment till the adjournment of court proceedings.
The SC bench had stated — in prima facie — Danyial Aziz has been found guilty of contempt of court as per TV recordings and newspapers’ clippings dated 9th of June-2017, 15th and 31st of Dec-2017.
Strict security measures are in place in and around the top court of the country in light of the verdict.
The PML-N’s stalwart was served with contempt notice on Feb-2 over his controversial speeches against judiciary following which the apex court had issued a show-cause notice to Aziz on Feb-19 this year.
Finally, the former minister was indicted on March-13 under Article 204 of the Constitution and Contempt of Court Ordinance, 2003 whereas the verdict in high-profile case was reserved on May-3 after both sides concluded the arguments.
However, Aziz had blamed media for misrepresentation of his statements and out of context reporting.
Aziz claimed that he has always respected the courts and talked within the limits of ethical codes on sub judice cases. He said he tried neither to dishonour the constitutional institutes nor become an obstacle in the judicial process and justice.
It is worth mentioning here that PML-N’s top brass has awarded party ticket to Aziz to contest general elections 2018 from Narowal’s NA-77.


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