SC’s decision was based on Iqama which proved lie: Nawaz Sharif

Pre-poll rigging underway to manipulate elections outcome: Nawaz
Pre-poll rigging underway to manipulate elections outcome: Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif claimed on Thursday that the Supreme Court’s decision in Panama Papers case was based on the Iqama (foreign work permit) which has been proved a lie in accountability court.
Nawaz Sharif was speaking to the media outside the accountability court hearing corruption cases against him. He said that Wajid Zia, who headed the Panama case investigation, will have to reveal identities of the joint investigation team (JIT) staff.
He had made similar remarks yesterday after leaving the courtroom.
Basing his statements on facts revealed by Zia inside the court today during his cross-examination, Nawaz questioned identities of people whose assistance was sought by the JIT for the investigation.
“It has been revealed now that 40 people were involved in drafting the JIT report,” said Nawaz, asking further who the 30 investigators and 10 staffers were.
The three-time prime minister also questioned who approved the recruitment of the JIT support staff, asserting that, “facts are pouring out of the false case after the false decision”.


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