Shah warns PTI govt against running affairs through ordinances

Khursheed Shah’s family quarantined after employee tests coronavirus positive

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah has warned the government against running its affairs through ordinances and said that it seems from the prime minister’s statements that the “dark clouds of dictatorship” are looming.
Speaking to media in Lahore on Sunday, Shah said his party would fully oppose the move if the government decides to run its affairs through ordinance.
“Governments are run through ordinance during dictatorships. It seems as if the government is becoming an alternative to dictatorship,” the PPP veteran remarked.
He pointed out that his party and the opposition are ready to cooperate with the government for law-making in the interests of the country.
“PPP believes in the parliamentary system,” Shah said, adding that the government would be dealt a tough time if an ordinance is brought.
He expressed hope that the government would not be foolish to set up standing committees by itself and said that the PPP would not become part of the standing committees until their traditional implementation.
Eluding to the prime minister’s recent plan to eradicate poverty from the country with the help of poultry, Shah remarked, “[Only] the hens laid eggs during the government’s first 100 days in power.”


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