Shahzad Waseem affirms commitment to PTI amidst party members resignations

Shahzad Waseem affirms commitment to PTI

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Shahzad Waseem, has confirmed his decision to remain a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) amidst a wave of resignations within the party.

During a press conference held outside the Parliament on Saturday, Shahzad Waseem strongly condemned the protests that took place on May 9, which included acts of vandalism and arson at Jinnah House.

Expressing his firm stance on the matter, Waseem stated, “All those involved in the May 9 incident must be held accountable. There should be a thorough investigation, and strict action should be taken against those responsible.”

Responding to inquiries regarding his affiliation with the PTI, Waseem clarified that he remains a senator of the PTI and, as the opposition leader, he vehemently denounces the events of May 9.

Prior to the press conference, speculations had arisen suggesting that Shahzad Waseem, like several other members, was contemplating leaving the PTI. However, he dispelled these rumors by confirming his continued loyalty to the party.



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