Sharif family wants me to run party matters, claims Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz

LAHORE: Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of the ousted prime minister, in her latest interview with a US newspaper, ruled out any differences within family, saying she loves her uncle Shehbaz Sharif more than her life.
Describing her abilities and skills to deal with certain circumstances, Maryam said that it was her grandfather who first acknowledged political potential and gave her important positions in the family’s operations, adding that her father, Nawaz Sharif, also appreciates her skills and abilities. she added that one of her most important skills is the capacity to convey advice and criticism to her father.
When asked whether she ever saw herself as a future prime minister, Mayam said, “People around me tell me I was meant for a certain role.”
“I don’t know what tomorrow holds,” she said. “I owes it to the people to whom I want to reach,” she added.
While discussing her childhood memories she said that her childhood was filled with singing and playing the piano.
To a question about her and other family members’ indictment in graft references, she said that the cases are politically motivated and nothing more than blatant political victimization and pressure tactics. “People remain undeterred, and support for the Pakistan Muslim League has further galvanized,” she added.


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