Shehbaz always comes for help of KP people in difficult situation: Muqam


PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Advisor and KP PML-N President, Engir Amir Muqam said here Wednesday that Chief Minister Punjab and PML-N President, Shehbaz Sharif has always come for the help and assistance of people of KP in every difficult situation, reflecting his love and affectionfor people of the province.
Addressing PML-N workers convention here Wednesday, Amir Muqamsaid whether it was 2010 devastated floods, earthquake, TDPs crisis or dangerousdengue virus attack in Peshawar, Chief Minister Punjab has sent specialistteams of doctors, paramedics besides relief goods to help needy brothers andsisters of KP.He said Punjab government had deployed specialist doctorsand paramedics when dengue virus started attacks on residents of Peshawar lastsummer while PTI Chief Imran Khan was enjoying hiking in Nathia Gali.
He said Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif dispatched scores of relief goods consignmentsof trucks for assistance and help of TDPs of North Waziristan.Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital in Mingora was constructed withassistance of Punjab Government where people of KP are getting latesttreatment.He said Imran Khan has criticized metro projects in Punjaband was now considering the same in Peshawar on huge foreign loans and putPeshawar in ditches, environmental chaos and traffic mess that had made livesof people miserable. He said people of KP were buried under huge foreign loansobtained for metro bus in Peshawar.He regretted that PTI has started metro project in a timewhen its government has already completed it tenure.
The people of KP are fed with hallow slogans and agitationpolitics of PTI and were now looking towards PML-N for solution of theirproblems.He said PML-N would form next government in KP and wouldaddress all problems of people.He said PML-N was the only political party with strong rootsin masses and will win elections on basis of record development works.Earlier, he welcomed PML-N President and CM Punjab uponarrival at Peshawar


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