Shia, Sunni elders’ Jirga resolved to maintain peace in Kurram Agency


SADDA: The Sunni and Shia sects’ tribal elders of Kurram Agency on Wednesday held a Jirga to defuse tension in the region following the landmine explosion on passenger van. The Jirga resolved to maintain peace and stability in the agency.
IG FC Major General Mazhar Shaheen, Brigadier Kurram Militia Umar Malak, Assistant Political Agent Tariq Hassan and other high authorities attended the Jirga held at the FC Headquarters in Sadda.
While addressing the Jirga participants, IG FC Mazhar Shaheen said that some foreign hostile elements want to spread hatred among local sects; however, they would never be allowed to succeed in their heinous designs. He urged all the sects in the agency to live peacefully.
Local elders on the occasion assured to maintain peace in the agency despite the heinous of the enemies to destabilize peace of the region.
Later, IG FC Mazhar Shaheen visited the bereaved families who lost their near and dear ones in the explosion and offered condolences with them. He also announced Rs 200,000 for the heirs of victims. Fourteen people including children and women were killed in the explosion on Tuesday.


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