Sit-in this time will mean death of politics: Sana

LAHORE: Law Minister Punjab Rana Sanaullah has said that nothing will happen whether Panama leaks spread to forensic or any other commission. 
Lashing out Imran khan he warned that another sit-in will mean the death of politics. Mall Road Chowk and sit-in at D Chowk and sit-in at Nawaz Sharif’s home are two different things, he added while talking to media outside Punjab Assembly here.
Imran does not know about traditions of Punjab, he tries to appear intrepid  and he is haughty but the day he will leave for sit-in at Raiwind that will be the day of the politics’ funeral, Sanaullah said. There is pandemonium over Panama leaks to divert attention about the mayhem within the inner ranks of PTI. Jehamgir Tarin, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asif Zardari should prove who committed money laundering, none should feel that raising vociferous noises would help him hide black deeds, he added.
If a commission is performed there will be accountability of all and sundry, Sana said. Replying to a question Sana added that though Zardari is in London there is no chance of him meeting with Nawaz Sharif. Those trying to create political instability are working on the agenda of RAW, he claimed.


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