Dense smog, fog wrecks havoc in parts of country

Four killed, several injured in fog-related incidents in Punjab

LAHORE: Dense fog and smog continued to cripple life in different parts of the country disrupting flow of traffic, flights and trains schedules with commuters facing difficulties.
Traffic on national highways and motorways was badly interrupted while the authorities directed the drivers to use fog lights and moves in escorted convoys to avoid accidents.
Meanwhile, passengers faced a lot of troubles due to suspension of flight schedule and late arrival of trains.
Fog and the smog have particularly affected Punjab where the flight operation at Lahore airport, that remained suspended at night, has been restored after clearing of fog. The situation at airports of other big cities has also normalized.
Some sections of motorway have been opened for traffic, and national highways are also in flow. However, trains are still hours late. The smog has caused respiratory problems and irritated eyes.
On the other hand, Met Office has given the good news that rains will start in Sindh and Balochistan from tonight and Monday, and in Punjab from Tuesday. Winter rains are expected to bring relief from weeks-long smog persisting in much of the country and neighboring India.


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