Supreme Court seeks details of constructions along GT Road

SC warns of banning YouTube in Pakistan over objectionable content

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court summoned on Monday a detailed report on all the constructions near the Grand Trunk Road.
Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked how the National Highway Authority lease out the land to anyone when it doesn’t even own it.
The NHA is only responsible for constructing roads and fixing them, remarked Justice Ijazul Ahsan.
The court has a summoned on a report on its lease and asked for details such as when it was leased out and under what conditions.
The NHA chairperson has been summoned in person at the next hearing.
The Grand Trunk Road, which used to be called Badshahi Sadak, Sadak E Sher Shah, is known as Asia’s oldest and longest roads. It covers a distance of over 2,500 kilometres from Bangladesh’s Chittagong to Howrah in India then across Northern India through Delhi, passing from Amritsar and the road continues towards Lahore and Peshawar in Pakistan, finally ending in Kabul, Afghanistan.


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