Taliban agrees on need for restoration of Afghan peace talks: FO

Pakistan supports political, peaceful solution to Afghan issue: FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office (FO) Spokesman Dr Faisal on Thursday said that Taliban delegation is agreed on early restoration of Afghan peace talks with United States (US).
As members of Taliban Political Commission (TPC) made their first-ever visit to Islamabad, the FO spokesman said that Pakistan will continue its cooperation with newly-elected government of the neighboring country.
“This is a very sensitive issue and a very delicate process, which is being handled in a very careful manner,” Dr Faisal said at a weekly press briefing.
Talking on Kashmir issue, he strongly condemned the unprecedented communication blockade and clampdown in the occupied valley and said that Pakistan impresses upon the world community to take notice of the blatant human rights violations there.
He said the internationalization of the dispute has moved India to the corner and it is not finding any way to come out of this situation.
Dr Muhammad Faisal said Indian occupying forces have martyred thirteen Kashmiris over the last one week.
“There are reports of more deaths but due to complete communication blackout, the exact details are not coming out of the held valley,” he added.
Responding to a question, the spokesperson said that Saudi position on Kashmir dispute is very clear and public. He said the communique of OIC contact group on Kashmir reflects the position of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Ummah on the dispute.


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