The federal secretaries prepare amended draft for NAB’s law


ISLAMABAD: The federal secretaries have prepared an amended draft for National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) law that would soon be presented before the prime minister for approval.

The amendment recommends that NAB’s law be applied to over Rs.500 million corruption cases, suggesting that rather than giving a role to the president and NAB chairman for appointment of bureau’s prosecutor general, the authority should be given to the federal government.

It also suggested to retract NAB chairman’s authority to appoint bureau officer as temporary prosecutor general, adding that the federal government should be authorized for such an appointment instead.

The amendment also recommended to remove NAB’s authority to call government officials and reduce remanding period up to 14 days instead of 90 days. It said the provincial high courts should resolve appeals against the final decisions within 10 days rather than 30 days. It also proposed to the NAB chairman to prepare a mechanism against the complaints.

The amendment also advised the NAB chairman to present a quarterly report to the federal government regarding the complaints, adding that bureau’s officials should be barred from media or issuing any statement until the reference would have been filed. It also devised a mechanism for the NAB to make the bureaucrats accountable.

The federal secretaries also suggested to constitute a scrutiny committee, consisting of at least six members and said NAB could not take any action against any bureaucrat without approval of that committee.

A bureaucrat cannot be arrested without the approval of the scrutiny committee nor could an investigation be initiated. The approval of the committee is needed to take action against the bureaucrats.


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