The GoP decides to dispatch humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan

The Government of Pakistan has decided to dispatch humanitarian assistance, comprising food and medicines, to the people of Afghanistan, a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday.

“Three C-130s are being dispatched to Afghanistan. After the first immediate tranche through the air, further supplies would continue through land routes,” the statement said.

The Foreign Office said the Pakistani government would continue to do its best to help the Afghan brethren during the prevalent challenging environment.

“Pakistan also urges the international community to play its role in helping the people of Afghanistan to avert a possible humanitarian crisis,” the ministry added.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, earlier in the day, had drawn the attention of the international community to how Afghanistan being denied its foreign reserves, or international aid, may further compound the miseries of the Afghans and make economic migrants of millions.

Qureshi’s remarks came during a Ministerial Coordination Session hosted by the US and Germany, following which a statement was issued by the Foreign Office.

“The international community must put the Afghan people first. We have to take care that in denying Afghanistan access to its foreign reserves or international financial institutions, we do not end up adding to the miseries of the long-suffering Afghan people.


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