“Thinking of resolving issues with Baloch insurgents”, says PM Imran Khan

GWADAR: Speaking to the Gwadar business community in his official visit on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said if it wasn’t for his sincere intentions for Balochistan he would instead be spending summers in London and shopping from Harrods since he did not win elections here, Khyber News reported.

Moving on with his Gwadar address, he said he was, in fact, thinking of resolving issues with Baloch insurgents by talking to them since there are possibilities of past injustices they were the victims of.

He said no rulers, federal or local, in the past have dealt with Baloch people fairly and thus deprivation of basic rights prompted despair and resistance amongst citizens there who may have been played into Indian and enemy hands.

He said  that we are now allaying the grievances of people there and giving them the highest by far PSDP share from the budget so people can benefit from the development.


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