RAWALPINDI: Three soldiers were martyred in a terrorist assault on a security checkpoint in the Zarghoon area of Balochistan, ISPR said on Saturday.
According to ISPR, the targeted checkpoint had been recently established to combat extortion activities aimed at coal mines in the vicinity.
After the terrorists initiated the assault, the troops stationed at the checkpoint retaliated, successfully repelling the attackers. However, during the intense exchange of gunfire, three soldiers tragically lost their lives, while one terrorist was neutralized.
Following the incident, the ISPR disclosed that a potential hiding place for the fleeing terrorists had been identified in the nearby mountains. Subsequently, a deliberate operation was initiated to block off the area and conduct a thorough search to eliminate any remaining threats.
The statement further emphasized that the ongoing operation is progressing effectively, with the security forces applying constant pressure to prevent the terrorists from escaping. The security forces are resolute in their commitment to protecting Balochistan’s peace, stability, and progress, in line with the determination of the nation.



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