Top commander of banned TTP killed in Afghanistan blast

Top commander of banned TTP killed in Afghanistan blast

PESHAWAR: A top commander of the banned TTP Badshah Khan Mehsud has been killed in a landmine explosion in the Paktika province of Afghanistan, according to reliable sources.

This TTP commander, who had been on the list of most-wanted terrorists, was known for his involvement in a range of activities, including attacks against Pakistani security forces and various other criminal endeavors.

It’s worth noting that he enjoyed a significant level of trust within the ranks of banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). He maintained a close association with TTP’s chief, Noor Wali Mehsud, suggesting a pivotal role within the organization’s hierarchy. The blast occurred in Azbargai village, located within the borders of Paktika Province, Afghanistan. It was caused by his vehicle inadvertently triggering a landmine, resulting in both him and another individual sustaining injuries.

Furthermore, Badshah Khan Mehsud had also served as a trusted confidant of the former TTP deputy chief, Khan Said, who was known by the alias Commander Sajna. However, Commander Sajna’s life was cut short in February 2018 due to a targeted drone strike.



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