Tribal Jirga orders release of ‘honour killers’ in Khyber


PESHAWAR: A tribal Jirga in Khyber Agency has ordered to acquit two men who had confessed to killing their maternal uncle and their sister-in-law in a so-called honour crime based upon a jirga verdict.
The Jirga has ordered in its verdict of acquitting two brothers charged with murdering their sister-in-law and their maternal uncle in November last year and later claiming that the victims had ‘illicit relations’.
A five-member jirga was appointed which concluded that the accused should be asked to take an oath on the Holy Quran that in killing their sister-in-law and their maternal uncle ‘they had done nothing wrong with malafide intention. The Jirga said that if the accused took the oath the murders stood ‘justified’ as per ‘Riwaj’ and the accused should be acquitted.”
However, the claimant party refused to get oath from the defendant party. As the claimant party has refused to get the prescribed oath from the defendant party, the accused are held innocent and would be released on bail immediately.


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