Tripartite opposition alliance forcibly shut down commercial centres in Peshawar

PESHAWAR:  Activists of the tripartite alliance of opposition parties forcibly shut down commercial centres in Peshawar as they are observing strike against alleged rigging in the local bodies elections.
According to reports, Shops were being reportedly shut down in Kohati, Jahangirpur and Namak Mandi’s bazaars.
A clash between erupted between supporters Pakistan Terhreek-e-Insaf and Jumiat-Ulema Islam and Awami National Party when the people were forced to shut down  their shops and businesses.

According to reports, a protest rally led by Main Iftikhar Hussain, president of tripartite alliance of opposition parties, were forcing people to shut down their shops and businesses. The traders and shopkeepers refused to shut down their activities. After that, the protesters beaten up traders and forcibly shut down commercial activities. 


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