Turkey ready to de-escalate tensions between Pakistan, India: Erdogan

Pakistan withdrew from Kuala Lumpur Summit under Saudi pressure: Erdogan

TRABZON: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey is ready to do its part to de-escalate tension between Pakistan and India.
Addressing a campaign rally in Trabzon, he hailed Pakistan’s move in handing over an Indian pilot downed in the recent tension, adding that he looks forward to seeing similar steps from India.
“I spoke with the Prime Minister [Imran Khan] of Pakistan. Turkey has sincere relations with Pakistan. Increasing the tension and adding fuel to the flames have no use for anyone.Turkey will do its part for the tension to be de-escalated,” Erdogan said.
Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador to Russia Venkatesh Varma said India will not accept any offer of mediation.


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