Two people shot dead in encounter with CTD in Gujranwala


GUJRANWAL:  Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Punjab police officials in the wee hours of Sunday killed two people during a shootout in Gujranwala.

According to CTD details, the deceased were allegedly terrorists identified as Kashif and Abdul Rehman.

CTD claimed that those killed were allies of driver Zishan killed in CTD encounter in Sahiwal and they were wearing suicide vests at the time of shootout.

Earlier on Saturday, the CTD officials had killed four people, including a couple and their teenage daughter, and injured a teenage boy in a suspicious ‘encounter’ on GT Road near Sahiwal.

The incident had triggered a nationwide outcry that prompted the government to take the security officials into custody and order an investigation into the incident.

The suspects were identified as Shahid Jabbar and Abdul Rehman travelling towards Sahiwal and were reportedly in possession of arms and explosives, CTD stated.

The counter-terrorism officials claimed that the operation was conducted to capture an ‘Islamic State (IS) commander’ on a tip off by an intelligence agency.


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