US doesn’t support specific Pakistani candidates or parties: State Dept

US doesn't support specific Pakistani candidates or parties: State Dept

WASHINGTON: The United States has said that it maintains a neutral stance when it comes to the outcomes of elections in Pakistan, and it refrains from endorsing any particular political party or candidate.

This statement was made by State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller in response to quires about the meeting between US Ambassador Donald Blome and Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikander Sultan Raja.

Miller emphasized that the United States does not take sides in Pakistan’s electoral processes. He directed further queries about the meeting to the US Embassy, which he anticipated would provide specific details.

He also reiterated a consistent policy of the United States: the promotion of free and fair elections in Pakistan, as it does in countries worldwide.

In a previous statement, a spokesperson from the US Embassy had affirmed that Ambassador Blome’s meeting with CEC Raja aimed to reaffirm the US’s support for conducting elections in Pakistan in accordance with the country’s laws and constitution. The ambassador emphasized that the choice of Pakistan’s future leaders rests with the Pakistani people, and the United States is committed to strengthening its relationship with Pakistan, irrespective of the people’s chosen leadership.

This meeting occurred during a period of uncertainty surrounding the timing of upcoming elections, following the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to proceed with the delimitation exercise before the next polls.


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