Will continue supporting PTI, PM Imran Khan: Asad Umar

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ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Asad Umar has said that quiting federal cabinet does not mean that he is not available to support Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision on naya Pakistan adding that he will continue supporting PTI for the cause.
While addressing a news conference after announcing his decision to step down from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet, Umar said that he spoke to Prime Minister Imran Khan last night and it was then he said that he wants to see him his new role. “Like I have written in the tweet PM is reshuffling the cabinet and told me to take the energy portfolio. In my meeting with him I convinced him to allow me to step down from the cabinet,” Umar told reporters.
Umar thanked PTI supporters especially the youth and party volunteers on social media. “I would also thank the NA-48 people for showing patience and to complaining that I was occupied with the ministry.”
According to Umar, tough decisions were taken to overcome the economic crisis in the country and his replacement would be taking over a tough job.
“This is the most difficult job after the prime minister. There is no doubt that we are moving towards prosperity but tough decisions need to be taken.”
Umar stressed that if these decisions were rushed, the country would once again face economic upheaval.
“I came here [so] that if I can contribute to Pakistan’s economy. The truth is I don’t know if there is any conspiracy, my captain said I want to see you in this role and I did not think it was appropriate,” he said in response to a question regarding his resignation.
“If I am given a choice to make decisions which cause uncertainty for two-three months or make those which crush Pakistanis then I’m not ready to crush Pakistanis,” he added. Umar further said, “We finalised the IMF bailout on much better conditions.”
Stating that he quit his job much before PTI came into power, Umar said, “I still believe that Imran Khan will succeed in making a Naya Pakistan. I do not support PTI for a federal seat, I support PTI because I believe in the party.”


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