Won’t allow use of Pakistani soil for terrorism against any state: FM Qureshi

FM Qureshi to represent Pakistan at signing of Afghan peace deal in Doha

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s resolve and said the country will not allow its soil to used for terrorism against any state, including India.
Giving an interview to British broadcaster BBC, the foreign minister said the approach and policies of the new government are very clear, “If we talk about the past, fingers will be pointed at both sides.”
“If India had carefully listened to us, this situation may not have arisen,” said Islamabad’s top diplomat while talking about the prevailing situation between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.
“We had stated that India should give us actionable evidence so we could act, we had assured India that we would cooperate.”
“We are nuclear-armed neighbors, can we afford a war? This is suicide,” said the foreign minister, reminding India that war between the two countries is a zero-sum game.
Elaborating on the prevailing sitiation, Qureshi said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently under pressure and has yet to reply to Islamabad’s peace offer. He added that the “situation is critical still, both countries’ armed forces are still on high alert”.
“Pakistan’s new government, and has brought a new approach, conflicts can only be resolved through dialogue,” foreign minister reiterated.
“We can only move forward by investigating the evidence.”
He clarified that there is still confusion regarding Jaish-e-Mohammad’s alleged role due to “conflicting reports”.
“We have banned the organisation, Indians were claiming that they had bombed a training camp, we took media there and the whole world saw the reality of their claims.”
The Indian air strikes, the first since the war in 1971, targetted open ground and various western experts have debunked New Delhi’s claiming after the release of latest satellite pictures. India has also failed to provide any evidence of a successful mission and their armed forces remain tight lipped on the issue.
Indians themselves don’t believe that IAF spent 25 minutes in Pakistanis airspace,” said FM Qureshi during the interview.
The minister stated that at this point of time, Islamabad want to bring the situation under control, adding that, “One segment of the Indian media is extremely irresponsible by engaging in warmongering and destabilising the region.”
The foreign minister said further that Pakistani courts are autonomous, and evidence is needed to pursue a case. “India should give actionable evidence so a case can be prepared on those grounds.”
India submitted its dossier yesterday, if India wants to conduct talks on this, then we are ready for it, the minister reiterated.
FM Qureshi also lauded the Russian foreign minister’s offer to provide a platform for Pakistan and India to conduct dialogue. “we support this, lets wait for India to decide.”
China, the European Union and the United Nations Secretary General have all offered to play a role in resolving the conflict.
“We want peace and stability in the region, and want to focus on the Afghan peace process where the situation is at a critical stage,” the foreign minister stated.
“We don’t want to divert our attention from Afghanistan, this is a historic time.”


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