Zainab case suspect has no bank accounts, SBP tells FIA

Zainab’s murder case convict gets 12 death sentences in 3 other cases

ISLAMABAD: A report submitted by the State Bank of Pakistan to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) reveals that the suspect in the Zainab case has no bank accounts.
According to reports quoting sources in the FIA said the agency’s own investigation have also found no bank accounts of the suspect.
Dr Shahid Masood had in his programme on TV channel claimed that the suspect maintained over 37 bank accounts, mostly foreign currency denominated, with transactions in dollars, euros and pounds sterling. He had repeated the allegations in the Supreme Court on Thursday.
On Friday, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal had said that the SC and media had been caught up in a “make-believe” story on the Kasur case propagated by the anchor and aimed at defaming the government.
He said that the latest example of how social media is a “tool for fifth generation warfare” came about following the arrest of Zainab’s murderer when the Punjab government was being praised. “Suddenly a make-believe spin was thrown in which the media and the Supreme Court got caught up in.”
“This proves how big of a tool of chaos and disruption social media is,” the minister said, adding that “it later turned out that the news run by an anchor, on which the Supreme Court also took notice, was entirely make-believe.”
He warned that numerous such attacks could be expected as it was the election year.
“Make-believe, fictitious and false news stories will be spread by foreign agencies via social media,” he added.


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