Zardari calls for agreement on charter of economy

Zardari calls for agreement on charter of economy

LAHORE: Former president and co-chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday extended an invitation to all stakeholders to come together and discuss the charter of economy.
Addressing businessmen in Lahore, Zardari emphasized the importance of unity among businessmen, stating that if they were willing to collaborate, the PPP would stand beside them and vice versa. He urged everyone to look beyond individual interests and think collectively for the betterment of the country.
Zardari clarified that he was not seeking monetary donations but rather the collective will, thought process, and energy of the stakeholders to implement his vision for the future. He addressed allegations of corruption mentioned in a Dutch textbook, asserting that his focus was on building a world that he believes will shape the future.
Highlighting the PPP’s past governance, Zardari claimed that his party’s previous government had outperformed others. He emphasized the goal of raising foreign exchange reserves to $200 billion and encouraged Pakistani businessmen to form industrial groups and invest. Zardari assured them that their investments would be safeguarded and guaranteed returns.
Stressing the importance of the private sector, Zardari stated that the world is built by private enterprises rather than the public sector. He acknowledged the burden on the common people and advocated for a reduction in tax rates. He emphasized that economic policies should be aimed at benefiting future generations, rather than focusing solely on short-term gains.
Zardari highlighted the PPP’s achievements in Sindh, such as the construction of seven bridges on the Indus River through public-private partnerships. He questioned why Gwadar, a strategic port city, had not received sufficient attention in the past. He mentioned his efforts in educating himself during his time in prison and later forming an agreement with China for the development of Gwadar.
Zardari concluded by expressing his intention to formulate policies while urging the audience to take those policies forward. He emphasized the importance of effective governance for the progress and prosperity of the country.



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