Zardari condemns Durrani’s arrest, calls for amendment in NAB’s laws

Zardari seeks time from NAB to submit answer in fake accounts case

ISLAMABAD: Former president and chief of PPP-P Asif Ali Zardari Wednesday condemned the arrest of Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani and questioned that why he was arrested from Islamabad instead of Karachi.
Addressing a press conference here, the former president said, “a speaker is an autonomous figure, you are challenging democracy when you arrest a speaker. “I think that until a case is concluded, nobody should be arrested.”
The former president called for amendment in the National Accountability Bureau’s laws. He said, adding that “there should be amendments in NAB’s laws”.
Regarding the fake bank accounts cases against himself, he said that “PPP has always accepted court’s decisions and want to strengthen courts. We will go before NAB, we will challenge NAB and face them. We are hopeful that the investigation will be fair. [But] if I need to go to jail, you know, from the start that that is my second home.”
About the ongoing tensions with India, the former president said that the PPP government had properly handled the situation in the aftermath of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, but regretted that the “current immature government does not understand all of this”. “We forced India to back down and handled it through diplomatic channels,” he said.
“The backseat driver does not understand politics which is why this issue is getting bigger,” he said. “Pakistan has been isolated in the world for many years and after they’ve come we’re becoming more isolated. But I assure the nation that if India commits an act of aggression then we will all stand united. PPP will stand with our army brothers.”
About Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recent visit to Pakistan he said, “the Saudi friend that came, we welcomed his visit, we welcome him but due to mishandling of the government they did not invite us, Nawaz or Shahbaz.”
The former president said that he would have gone to meet the Saudi crown prince, had he been invited as he recalled that he had met the Chinese president under similar political tensions during PTI’s 126-day sit-in. “Nawaz Sharif called me so I went,” he said.


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