Zardari denounces federal budget as “anti-poor, anti-farmer”

ISLAMABAD: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has rejected the federal budget 2015 as “anti poor, anti farmer and anti government servants” that fails to take even a small step in the direction of fair and equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.
In a statement today, the former President said that the third budget of the PML-N government is typically an accountants’ statement that reserves incentives for the rich but placates the poor with mere platitudes and prayers.
It is devoid of vision to introduce tax reforms and documenting the economy that lies at the root of our economic and financial ills, he said.
“The budget has failed to give a vision to address the structural weaknesses stemming from concentration of wealth and inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunities”.
The government servants particularly the low paid ones will be more than disappointed, the farmers frustrated and the working class dismayed at the insensitivity of the government towards their plight, he said.
The government should have set aside, but failed to do, a part of the windfall gains of falling international oil prices for alleviating poverty and ameliorating the lot of peasants and workers.
He said that the failure in achieving economic targets last year only strengthen the widely held belief that that the present budget will also be tall on promises and short on delivery and performance.
Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the former President also expressed deep concern that the government seemed to have reneged on its promise to implement the consensus decision of May 28 All Parties Conference to build the western route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor on priority basis.


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