Zardari slams Nawaz Sharif’s diatribe against judiciary and military


ISLAMABAD: Former Presided Asif Ali Zardari on Friday contradicted a PML-N’s claim that it was being targeted by the judiciary and other state intuitions.
Addressing a press conference, Zardari praised the state institutions and denounced former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s constant tirades against the judiciary and military.
“It was only Nawaz who had a problem with the institutions. For the first time, perhaps, the institutions are completely neutral,” he said.
The former president also dispelled the impression that the ruling party was ousted from the Senate’s election race.
“It is being stated that we are being barred from the Senate’s elections. Mian sahib’s party is very much present in the election,” said Zardari while addressing a press conference.
The ruling PML-N, he said, was trying to weaken the state institutions. “In Punjab’s bureaucracy, they have appointed their cronies most of whom are relatives of PML-N’s leaders,” he said.
He alleged that bureaucracy in Punjab was being asked to revolt against the state institutors.
The former president said that Pakistan’s neighbor was very cunning who was taking advantage of Nawaz Sharif’s foolish acts.
Responding to a question, he said that the government had spent billions of rupees in Lodhran to win the recently-held by-elections.
“They announced power and gas projects in Lodhran to win the election,” he said.
“Getting votes is easier if your party is in power,” he said. “Furthermore, the administration [police] there is also their own. Half of Punjab’s politics is run by the SHOs (station house officer).”
Referring to reports about Pakistan being placed on FATF’s terror-financing watchlist, Zardari denounced Khawaja Asif as an unsuitable foreign minister.
“PML-N administration have only given funds to Lahore. I went to Tonsa Sharif recently and I saw the condition of its roads. Even the inner city of Lahore is in a shambles. They have only spent money on railroads and roads that lead to their [Sharifs’] own lands,” he said.


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